Sunday, December 28, 2008


By the way, for those of you just signing in, welcome to Bandidas Taqueria, the newest, freshest, yummiest new Mexican joint on the Drive.
Bandidas is a Mexican restaurant with a fresh and healthy menu. We incorporate traditional Mexican elements in vegetarian and vegan dishes. We hand-make fresh corn tortillas for your tacos, just like they do in Mexico. You can check out some selections from our menu, and read a bit more about us at
After working on this project for more than a year, it's time to open. As you can see from the pictures, we are in the final stages of construction. We are looking forward to opening our doors. Our goal, since the beginning, has been to build a place where people can come together, eat good, healthy, high quality food, share drinks and good company. We have wanted to build a restaurant that is not only a restaurant, but a community gathering place that all of you can be a part of. Come by for tacos or nachos, drop by for a beer, join us for an amazing brunch on the weekend, or bring in your computer and do your work at the bar. (Yes, there is free wireless). Post your events on the community calendar, bring books for the lending library, host an event in our space. We look forward to all of it!
Under Construction Yo!

Things are busy around the shop, getting ready to open in 9 days. We hear there is underground betting on when the doors will actually open. The plan: January 5th. The popular vote: January 12th. . .
Walls are painted. Bar is in. Kitchen is in progress. The bathroom decorating competition is under way. Two teams are competing, turning the two tiny washrooms into true art experiences. The winner will earn rights to naming a menu item? How will we convince people to hang out in the dining room? Stay tuned for voting days, when washrooms are complete and you can help pick the winner.
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