Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chalk Board Ideas

OK, so we asked our very good friend Mark, designer of one of our most beautiful bathrooms, for his ideas on the chalk board wall. His idea: put up a book in "chapters". Put up a section of the story every month or so. The giving tree? The Lorax (a good environmentalist's story)? How cool would that be? Would people read it? Maybe something less known, so that people would look forward to the next section.

In other news, we had our best day ever today. The restaurant was full for most of the day, and really busy for long stretches. The coolest part is watching how much more smoothly busy nights are going. We are getting better at what we do. Our employees know their positions, and are getting quicker. We communicated better as a team. Our systems are solidifying.

Still, it blows me away to look out at the restaurant in the middle of a busy dinner rush, and realize that we are running a restaurant, a real restaurant. . . not sure what else to say about that.


  1. I like that idea! You could also do a monthly chalk art piece, or trivia, or some combo of all three...

  2. trivia? haley, you are a nerd! ;)

    +1 for trivia, and a monthly (or weekly) curiosity... be it art, overheard comment (perhaps from the staff or customer), found picture or whatever.

  3. Have the space for a feature of a local artist? Have them do what they like with the space (within reason). Whether it be found objects, paitings instalation...

    Spots like Anti Social, El Kartel and Misanthropy would have artists not only put up art on their walls but also use the space to paint on to blend in the work.

  4. Neat idea with the story board.

    Re busiest day ever: everytime I'm in or walk by I just can't get over the popularity of Bandidas. You obviously have hit on a much needed business model. Good veggie food that fast, cheap and served with a great beer and good tunes.

    When the Indonesian place closed, my partner and I joked, "maybe they'll open a vegan restaurant"... and you did!

    Thanks for making the neighbourhood even better.