Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Intriguing Tale of Our Fabulous Bar

Once upon a time (I believe it was 1999), there was a man named Tim. Tim was perusing a lumber yard.

He came across the precise piece of wood that he needed for the project he was working on. It happened to be sitting on top of an enormous piece of Douglas Fir. Tim expressed interest in it, and the Lumber Man related a sad tale in which a restaurant had ordered the piece for their bar, but had decided against it. There were too many knots in the wood, the Restaurant Owner had said. The incredible piece of wood had been abandoned and left for scrap.

The Lumber Man saw the gleam in Tim's eye and offered him the piece of wood for a ridiculously low price. Tim sighed and turned the offer down, as he had no real need for a 13 foot slab of Douglas Fir, beautiful though it was.

Alas, our story does not end here.

Driving home, Tim could not stop thinking about it. He did not need the wood now, he told himself, but surely someday a use would present itself? Before he could make it home, he turned around and went back to the Lumber Man to buy a beautiful piece of wood that he knew he didn't need.

Tim stored the thing-of-beauty in his friend's barn for 8 whole years until he heard that his beloved daughter, Aiyana, was planning to open a restaurant.
"Why, I've got the perfect thing for you," he said.
Tim Hicks personally delivered the wood, having sanded it by hand for hours until the wood shone. Upon delivery, he stayed to build the bar himself. In fact, he stayed on to contribute weeks of help throughout the whole building process of Bandidas.

And the gorgeous piece of wood, finally coming to rest amongst people who adored it, existed happily ever after.

The End.

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